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Concurrent Tracks for Saturday Workshops

Saturday's schedule consists of 7 total sessions (time slots), each with three workshops running concurrently in separate rooms within the TCB building. 90-minute workshops will span two sessions (e.g. Judy's workshop is scheduled for Session 1 & 2). Finalized room schedule will be provided at check-in.  

Workshops listed in the center column are more technical/hands-on and may require the use of TypeWell Transcriber software. Tables and chairs in this room will be set up to accommodate steno tables with laptops. Extension cords will be provided.  

Workshops listed in the right column are geared toward Service Coordinators.  

All participants are welcome to attend workshops of their choice, regardless of track/room.  

Workshop schedule is subject to change! Finalized room schedule will be provided at check-in.  

Welcome & Keynote Address

Keynote speaker: Kaela Parks, Director of Disability Services at                                     Portland Community College and President-Elect of Oregon AHEAD

Technology Classroom Building



How to Apply the Latest Brain Research to Double Your Chunking Skills

Judy Colwell

* Please download this ZIP file to your laptop in advance. The ZIP file password and further instructions will be provided during the workshop.

Bringing technology to transcribing: resources and automation to make your job easier

Randi Hecht, Ariel Castro, Laura Paulsen, John Westbroek

The Good, Bad and Frustrating of Recruiting Transcribing Students

Jean Campbell, Allison Sands



¿Escribe en Español? Defining Appropriate Communication Access, Identifying Challenges, and Discussing the Suitability of Using TypeWell in Foreign Language Classes

Liz Chibucos




Building a Favorable Transcriber-Instructor Alliance

Janet Fedorchuk, Laura Paulsen

Maximizing the Meaning of Multimedia: Reader-friendly strategies for your next encounter with on-screen presentation

Leslie Shultz, Liz Chibucos

Mentoring New Transcribers: Tips and Techniques for Fostering Skill Development

Allison Sands



You're not alone:  A roundtable discussion on making remote transcribing work for you and your clients

Dani Zeghbib, Carmin Beardsley

Disability Coordinators and Service Providers - A Love Story 

Chanel Carlascio

Expanding the Populations Served by TypeWell: Oregon State University and International Students

Jo Alexander




Deafness, Hearing Loss and Communication Access

Kim Thiessen

Symbolically Speaking: Getting your hands on Math Mode!

Sharon Allen Brown

The Art of Employee Scheduling

Sharon Mone



Five of the most costly mistakes coordinators make when procuring remote TypeWell services, and how to avoid them

Cal Hutson




Live Well, Stay Well, and TypeWell: sustaining health, preventing injury and upgrading ergonomics

Dani Zeghbib

Learn to Link Well: how linking works, what goes wrong, and how to fix it

Steve Colwell

Finding, Funding, and Developing Opportunities for Continuing Education, Mentoring, and Professional Development

Janet Fedorchuk

Break (move to auditorium in Science & Technology Building)

Student Panel

4:20-5:30 p.m.

ST 107